The Gobeshona Conference

The Gobeshona Conference for Research on Climate Change in Bangladesh is an annual conference that showcases research on climate change in Bangladesh. The conference provides the opportunity for international and multi-stakeholder participants to engage with a wide range of Bangladesh-specific climate change research. The first conference was held on 07-11 January 2015. The first day provided training to young researchers to encourage quality publication of their research findings. The following three days encompassed plenary and parallel sessions centred on a selection of themes. The final day involved reflections from the Government of Bangladesh on recent climate change projects. Through these activities, Gobeshona aims for research to be more widely acknowledged, guided in meaningful directions, and ultimately more effective in contributing to positive responses to climate change in Bangladesh.

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Gobeshona Conference Proceedings

Selected Abstracts for Presentations and Posters

Conference Sessions and PowerPoint Presentation Slides:

Please find the slides for the presentations made in each session below:

The Status of Climate Change Research
The Status of Climate Change Research in Bangladesh: 3 Theses

Climate Change and Livelihoods
Effectiveness of ‘Resilient Livelihood Framework’ of Christian Aid
Climate Change and Wheat Production in Drought Prone Areas of Bangladesh – A Technical Efficiency Analysis
On Farm and Off Farm Resilient Livelihood – Experience from Islamic Relief Activities in Coastal Belt and Haor Area of Bangladesh

Climate Change Impact on Safe Drinking Water
Drinking Water Consumption Practices Reflecting Vulnerability in South-west Coastal Area of Bangladesh
Geochemical Modeling of Saltwater Intrusion at the Coastal Aquifers of the Bengal Basin, Bangladesh
Reversing Gender Role for Drinking Water Collection in the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh
Scarcity to Solution- Perceived reasons of safe water scarcity and coping responses of local people in a coastal village of Bangladesh

Climate Change and Health in Bangladesh

Impact of Salinity on Women Reproductive Health in Saline Prone Rampal Upazila of Bagerhat, Bangladesh
Spacial Effectiveness of Institutional Response to Ensure Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health during Flood
Sleep Disturbances Among the Adults Living in Disaster Prone Areas in Bangladesh
Spacial Distribution of Salinity in Drinking Water and Hypertension Prevalence in Coastal Bangladesh

Local Adaptation Planning
Learning and Challenges of Local Adaptation Planning in Forest Protected Areas of Bangladesh
Local Adaptation Practices in Response to a Super Cyclone Aila in the Coastal Regions of Bangladesh

Migration in the Context of Climate Change: Regional Experiences and Policy Shortcomings
Adaptation to Climate Change: Migration, the Missing Link
Seasonal migration and how it affects households’ trajectory out of extreme poverty – Evidence from SHIREE Programme
Climate Change and Migration in the Chittagong Hill Tracts
Adaptation Strategies of Poor Urban Migrants in the Context of Climate Change – A Case Study of Informal Settlements in Natore, Sirajgang and Rajshahi

Gender and Climate Change
Solar Operated Pond Sand Filter in Accessing Pure Water: Accelerating Women Empowerment Towards Adaptation to Climate Change
Climate Change and Reproductive Health in Bangladesh: Coherence and Contradiction in National Policies
Engendering Disaster: A Sociological Study on Aila Affected Area of a Coastal District of Bangladesh
Mapping Out Gender Relations of the Cyclone Survivors’ of the Sundarbans Forest Society of Bangladesh

Renewable Energy Sources for Climate Change Mitigation
Design of a Small Wind Turbine Considering the Average Wind Speed in the Coastal Regions of Bangladesh
Electrical Power Generation in a Fishing Boat by Using Ocean Wave
Design and Implementation of a Wind Power Cultivation System in the Coastal Area of Bangladesh
Present Scenario of Solar Powered Irrigation Systems in Bangladesh
Prospect of Sustainable Energy in Bangladesh

Natural Resource Management at the Crossroads: Facing the Challenges of Climate Change
Long-term Growth Decline in Toona Ciliata is Likely Driven by Temperature and Cloud Cover, Not by Rainfall
Water Footprint of Dairy Milk and Meat in Bangladesh
Impact of Climate Change on Fisheries in Jessore Region, Bangladesh
Trade-offs Between REDD+ and Forest Dependency in Khagrachari Hill District, Bangladesh
Habitat Modification in Seasonally Flooded Rice-field Fisheries in Bangladesh

Urban Poverty and Climate Change
Housing Condition of the Climate Migrants in Khulna City
The Lived Experience of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Low-Income Settlements in Bangladesh
Internal Migration as a Radical Adaptation Strategy in Bangladesh
Stakeholders Provision for Participation in Urban Governance to Address Climate Induced Migration in Bangladesh

Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Local Benefits of Mangrove Plantations in Coastal Bangladesh
An Evaluation on Different Salt Tolerant Boro Rice Varieties in Gher Areas of Bangladesh
A Study on the Suitability of Polderization in Integrated Coastal Zone Management Programs in Bangladesh
Climate Change Baseline Study for the Bangladesh Delta Plan

Climate Change Modelling
Changes in seasonality and it’s effect on the environmental flow
Evaluation of Spatial Interpolation for Finer Resolution of Rainfall Estimation- A Case Study of Rainfall Parameter Change in Bangladesh
A Study of the Impact of Climate Change and Wave Parameters on Coastal Sediment Dynamics
Assessing Performance of Polders under Storm Surges in the Coastal Regions of Bangladesh for Current and Future Climate Scenarios Using the Delft 3D Model

Seeing Things Differently: Understanding and Communicating with Affected People
Analysis of Stakeholders Linked to Climate Change in Northeast Bangladesh- Introducing the TRACKS project approach
Taking action on environmental changes in Bangladesh- Changes to livelihoods and lifestyles
Shifting of Seasons- Perception of Local Community in Southern Bangladesh
The Big Climate Quiz

Political Economy and Climate Finance
Understanding The Political Economy of Climate Financing
National Climate Finance: Performance of Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund
Is Microcredit an Effective Adaptation Strategy to Climate Stress Evidence from Bangladesh
Climate Change Vulnerability and Poverty Nexus – Climate Finance in Bangladesh
Climate Change and Development: Can Climate Finance Transform Bangladesh’s Development

Disaster Risk Reduction
Trend and Impact Analysis of Internal Displacement due to the Impacts of Disaster and Climate Change

Adaptation Technologies
Climate Change Adaptation of Fisheries Sector in Bangladesh
Dilemmas of Scaling-­Up Effective Housing in Climate-­Vulnerable Coastal Areas of Bangladesh
Adaptation Technologies to Cope with Climate Change Impact in Drought and Saline Prone Areas of Bangladesh

Waste and Climate Change
Effect of Organic and Inorganic Source of N on Cotton Yield
Impact of existing solid waste management system of the Chittagong City Corporation to the global warming
Vegetable and Fish Integration through Aquaponics System for Climate Change Adaptation
Opportunity of Co-benefits of Climate Change Mitigation Actions from Waste – Experience of Waste Concern in Bangladesh

National Adaptation Planning
Mainstreaming CCA & DRR in Bangladesh
Whole of the Government Approach – A Way to Achieve Climate Change Mainstreaming in Bangladesh
Formulation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100

Urbanisation and Climate Change Mitigation
Application of Renewable Energy in Climate Change Mitigation
Transformation of Waste into Energy in the Pabna Municipality Area of Bangladesh – An Approach of First Order Decay Model
Urban Greening and Roof Top Gardening – Scope and Opportunities in Bangladesh
Capacity Building for Urban Disaster Preparedness and Climate Change Mitigation

Loss and Damage
Environmental Threats on the Angiospermic Plant Resources of the South-west Coastal Area
Climate Change Causes Change in Road Structures
Loss and Damage in Coastal Bangladesh
Loss and Damage in Climate Discourse – Research influencing policy and advocacy at National and International level

Research into Policy
Research into Policy

Reflections from the Government of Bangladesh
Resilient Farming Practices towards Reshaping Climate Change Adaptation in Bangladesh
Climate Change Impact and Lesson Learned from Madhupur Initiative
Establishment of Monitoring Network and Mathematical Model to Assess Saline Water Intrusion in Groundwater
Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change through Coastal Afforestation Project in Bangladesh – Lessons and Challenges
Climate Adversaries – Coping with Rice Agriculture

Closing Ceremony
Closing Ceremony Presentation

The Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change – An Overview Based on the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5)