M. Mehedi Hasan

Climate sensitivity of wheat yield in Bangladesh: Implications for Sustainable Development Goals 2 (SDG2) and 6 (SDG6)

Abstract Significant manifestations of adverse effects of climate change exist for crop agriculture throughout the developing word including Bangladesh. Despite wheat being the second most important staple crop, any rigorous analysis of its sensitivity to climate change remains a neglected area. This paper fills this gap by investigating wheat yield sensitivity to climate change over.. Read More


Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Aman and Boro Rice Yields in Bangladesh

Despite substantial volumes of research on the impacts of climate change on rice productivity little attention has been paid in evaluating how these impacts differ between traditional varieties (TVs) and high yielding varieties (HYVs). In this study, Aman and Boro rice yields are examined, as respective examples. Cross-sectional time series data over 41 years for.. Read More