Syed Mahbubur Rahman

Structural Analogy in Development and Climate Aid: The Case of Bangladesh

Both mitigation and adaptation require substantial investment. Since most of the climate vulnerable countries are from the developing part of the world, aid in any form helps them take action towards addressing the impact of climate change. This study investigated the largest seven donors of Bangladesh to analyse the flow of official development assistance (ODA).. Read More


From strategy to execution: the case of local climate fund in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has some achievements in addressing climate change impacts and developing sensible and functional policies related to climate, environment and development. Instead of waiting for donors’ fund, Bangladesh has shown its positive attitude by establishing and operating the Bangladesh Climate Change Trust Fund (BCCTF), a dedicated fund accumulated from the national budget to address climate.. Read More

Perception of local experts about accessibility to international climate funds: Case of Bangladesh

Adequate financial resources are crucial for mitigation and adaptation interventions. Compared to earlier situation, climate funds now are more organized with diverse sources and mechanisms. However in many cases, the proportion of disbursed amount is very low compared to pledged volume. Deficiency in pecuniary resources is common to climate vulnerable developing countries. Though, on an.. Read More