Swades Pal

Identifying dam-induced wetland changes using an inundation frequency approach: The case of the Atreyee River basin of Indo-Bangladesh

Identification and monitoring of hydro-ecologically complex, seasonal floodplain wetlands poses a great challenge, but is essential for sustainable management of wetland and wetland resources. The present paper concentrates on wetland delineation and monitoring in the Atreyee River floodplain with reference to the flow regulation imposed by a dam built in 2012. We applied a water.. Read More


Impact of water diversion on hydrological regime of the Atreyee river of Indo-Bangladesh

Hydrological alteration plays a crucial role in regulating a hydro-ecological and socio-economic framework. Apart from climate change issue and its impact on flow alteration, human interventions have brought a new paradigm on hydrological regime. The Atreyee river (390 km long) of Indo-Bangladesh is highly affected by the construction of reservoir at Mohanpur of Bangladesh. The present.. Read More