Katrin Burkart

The effect of atmospheric thermal conditions and urban thermal pollution on all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in Bangladesh

This study assessed the effect of temperature and thermal atmospheric conditions on all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in Bangladesh. In particular, differences in the response to elevated temperatures between urban and rural areas were investigated. Generalized additive models (GAMs) for daily death counts, adjusted for trend, season, day of the month and age were separately fitted.. Read More

env pollution

Assessing the Atmospheric Impact on Public Health in the Megacity of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Urban areas are hot spots, contributing to climate change on multiple scales; but they are simultaneously affected by and most vulnerable to the effects of climate change due to their high density of susceptible population, their often risk-aggravating environmental conditions and low socioeconomic standards (Grimm et al. 2008, Kraas 2007). The changes in climate may.. Read More