Md. Kamruzzaman

Flood and Sustainable Agriculture in the Haor Basin of Bangladesh: A Review Paper

The paper provides a deep insight into the agricultural practices and cropping pattern in Haor basin. Boro-Fallow-Fallow is the dominant cropping pattern in entire Haor basin. The paper also examines the characteristics of flood and its effects on agricultural production. It is found that flash flood severely destroy standing boro rice just before harvesting almost.. Read More

Spatio-temporal analysis of climatic variables in the western part of Bangladesh

Monitoring and detecting trends of climatic variables like rainfall and temperature are essential for agricultural developments in the context of climate change. The present study has detected trends in annual and cropping seasonal rainfall and temperature data for the period of 1961–2011 using Mann–Kendall (MK) test, Spearman’s rho (SR) test and modified Mann–Kendall test that.. Read More