Md. Jahangir Kabir

Farmers’ perceptions of and responses to environmental change in southwest coastal Bangladesh: Perceptions of environmental change

Coastal Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to climate change and salinisation; hence, farm-level adaptation is critically important. Farmers’ perceptions of and responses to environmental change were investigated in two villages in Khulna District. Perceived environmental trends included increases in temperature, extreme weather events, soil toxicity, erratic rainfall and scarcity of water for irrigation. Perceptions of climate.. Read More


Bio-economic evaluation of cropping systems for saline coastal Bangladesh: III Benefits of adaptation in current and future environments

Climate change and salinisation present substantial challenges to the sustainability of cropping systems in south-west coastal Bangladesh. This is the third paper in a series reporting a study to assess the impacts of climate change and salinity on the productivity and economic viability of ten current and potential rice-based cropping systems in two coastal villages in Khulna District. In this paper,.. Read More

Farming adaptation to environmental change in coastal Bangladesh: shrimp culture versus crop diversification

Farming in coastal Bangladesh includes rice/shrimp and rice/non-rice cropping systems. The former has been highly profitable but has exacerbated salinization of soil and water. We evaluate the relative profitability, riskiness, and sustainability of the two cropping systems, using data from two coastal villages in Khulna District. Shrimp cultivation was initially very rewarding. However, over 12–15 years,.. Read More


Farm-level Adaptation to Climate Change in Western Bangladesh: An Analysis of Adaptation Dynamics, Profitability and Risks

Using long-term district-level climate data and a case study from a drought-prone village in western Bangladesh, this research explores trends in climate change, and analyses farmers’ adaptation dynamics, profitability and risks. This is the first study of its kind for drought-prone areas in Bangladesh. District-level temperature trended upwards across all seasons except in winter, while.. Read More

The Sustainability of Rice-Based Cropping Systems in Coastal Bangladesh: Bio-Economic Analysis of Current and Future Climate Scenarios

Agricultural sustainability is an issue of great significance for Bangladesh, especially in the vulnerable conditions of the south-west coastal region. This is the case both currently and in light of projected climate and salinity trends in the coastal region. The research reported in this thesis aimed to assess the current and future sustainability of rice-based.. Read More

The University of Queensland, Australia