S. M. Didar-Ul Islam

Hydrogeochemical investigation of groundwater in shallow coastal aquifer of Khulna District, Bangladesh

Groundwater acts as a lifeline in the coastal regions to meet out the domestic, drinking, irrigational and industrial needs. To investigate the hydrogeochemical characteristics of groundwater and its suitability, twenty samples were collected from the shallow tubewells of study area having screen depth 21–54 m. The water quality assessment has been carried out by evaluating the.. Read More


Climate Change Impacts and Vulnerability Assessment in Coastal Region of Bangladesh: A Case Study on Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira District

Coastal areas are more vulnerable to climate change and natural disasters. Due to increased weather extremes caused by climate change, the coastal communities fall at high risk of casualties and damages. According to DPSIR (Driver – Pressure – State – Impact –Response) framework, population, fisheries, aquaculture, agriculture and tourism are the main drivers of climate.. Read More