Sucharit Basu Neogi

Sundarban mangroves: diversity, ecosystem services and climate change impacts

The Bengal delta coast harboring the famous Sundarban mangroves is extremely vulnerable to climate change. Already, salinity intrusion, increasing cyclones and anomalies in rainfall, and temperature, are causing many social and livelihood problems. However, our knowledge on the diversified climate change impacts on Sundarban ecosystems services, providing immense benefits, including foods, shelters, livelihood, and health.. Read More

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Occurrence and distribution of plankton-associated and free-living toxigenic Vibrio cholerae in a tropical estuary of a cholera endemic zone

Cholera epidemics are thought to be influenced by changes in populations of estuarine Vibrio cholerae. We investigated the abundance and distribution of this bacterium, as “free-living” (20 μm) or zooplankton (>60 μm), in the Karnaphuli estuary of Bangladesh during pre- and post-monsoon seasons. Cultivable Vibrio populations were ~102–104 colony forming units (CFU) ml−1 in the.. Read More