Swapan Talukdar

Impact of Dam on Flow Regime and Flood Plain Modification in Punarbhaba River Basin of Indo-Bangladesh Barind Tract

Punarbhaba river basin of Indo-Bangladesh (5265.93 sq. km) is an evident example of hydrologically and ecologically modified river since 1992. One dam was installed over Dhepa River in 1992, which is main water supplier to Punarbhaba River at Birganj (25°51′46″N and 88°39′52″E) in Bangladesh. Since then, flow character of the river has changed as well.. Read More


Impact of dam on inundation regime of flood plain wetland of punarbhaba river basin of barind tract of Indo-Bangladesh

Present study raises a serious issue of wetland loss and transformation due to damming and water diversion. At present study, it is noticed that overall rainfall trend (−0.006) of the study period (1978–2015) remains unchanged but riparian wetland area is attenuated after damming both pre monsoon (March to May) and post monsoon season (October to.. Read More