Md Jahangir Kabir

Bio-economic evaluation of cropping systems for saline coastal Bangladesh: I. Biophysical simulation in historical and future environments

Climate change, increased climate variability, extreme weather events, and increasing salinization pose a serious challenge to the sustainability of crop production in coastal Bangladesh. This study assessed yield performance of rice and non-rice crops under farmers’ current practices across five climate and three salinity scenarios in the south-western coastal zone. Representative village case studies in.. Read More


Farmers’ perceptions of and responses to environmental change in southwest coastal Bangladesh

Coastal Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to climate change and salinisation; hence, farm-level adaptation is critically important. Farmers’ perceptions of and responses to environmental change were investigated in two villages in Khulna District. Perceived environmental trends included increases in temperature, extreme weather events, soil toxicity, erratic rainfall and scarcity of water for irrigation. Perceptions of climate.. Read More