Mohammad Ehsanul Kabir

Social Impacts of Solar Home Systems in Rural Areas: A Case Study in Bangladesh

As an alternative source of off-grid electric power, solar home systems (SHS) stand out above all other options (e.g., wind, hydro, geo-thermal, tidal systems) because of their wide-scale potential at latitudes less than 45° north or south of the Equator where daily solar irradiance is more constant throughout the year and where the bulk of.. Read More


Seasonal Drought Thresholds and Internal Migration for Adaptation: Lessons from Northern Bangladesh

It is widely accepted that human mobility caused by environmental change will take place internally within the affected countries rather than across borders. This research examines the link between environmental vulnerability and human migration in various socioeconomic contexts. Previous studies have examined population mobility in response to vulnerability driven by sudden natural hazards like cyclone,.. Read More