Sharlene L. Gomes

Extending Community Operational Research to Address Institutional Aspects of Societal Problems: Experiences from Peri-urban Bangladesh

Community operational research (COR) helps local stakeholders address complex messy problems related to public goods. Many of these problems feature an institutional dimension, whereby institutions refer to rules that structure behaviour and interactions in society. If a sound analysis of the institutional dimension in such cases is limited in scope, or even completely absent, this.. Read More


Institutional function and urbanization in Bangladesh: How peri-urban communities respond to changing environments

Urbanization processes are characterized by rapid change. The peri-urban context represents such a transition zone during urbanization. Here, change creates new realities and new demands, for which existing institutions may no longer suffice. Yet institutions do not change easily, as they typically exist to provide stability and predictability during social interactions. It poses a challenge for peri-urban.. Read More