Mahmuda Mutahara

Turning the tide? The role of participation and learning in strengthening tidal river management in the Bangladesh delta

The thesis analyses the role of participation and learning in enabling more sustainable land and water management processes in the southwest coastal delta of Bangladesh. In particular, it studies how tidal river management (TRM) as an approach to capture sediment and increase drainage capacity of the rivers in a natural manner, can be used. TRM.. Read More


Turning the Tide?

When water management projects or interventions continued to fail to fulfil their expected long-term objectives in the south-western coastal delta in Bangladesh and, arguably, caused severe flooding (3-6 months a year) since the mid-1980s (Tutu, 2005; Kibria and Mahmud, 2010; Amir et al., 2013), management approaches had to be modified. The new direction emphasized high.. Read More

Social learning for adaptive delta management: Tidal River Management in the Bangladesh Delta

The article analyzes Tidal River Management in Bangladesh from a social learning perspective. Four cases were investigated using participatory assessment. Knowledge acquisition through transformations in the Tidal River Management process was explored as an intended learning outcome. The study finds that social learning occurred more prominently at the individual stakeholder level and less at the.. Read More