Prabal Barua

Socioeconomic crisis and rehabilitation reality for climate displaced people in the Southeastern coast of Bangladesh

Climate change-induced disasters are the socioeconomic and cultural concerns in Bangladesh. As a consequence, vast of coastal people has been displaced from their origin. The main aim of this study is to explore the socioeconomic crisis of climate-induced displacement people in the coastal Bangladesh. Results showed that the relationship socioeconomic conditions of displaced people in.. Read More


Community-based rehabilitation attempt for solution of climate displacement crisis in the coastal area of Bangladesh

Abstract: The climate change induced natural disasters and their effect on humans are habitually considered as the customary social fabric. Climate change is known to impact coastal areas in a variety of ways. Substantially resourceful and densely populated coastal zones of Bangladesh experience numerous extreme climatic hazards like cyclones, tidal surges, floods, salinity intrusion, and.. Read More

The Role of Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Southeastern Island Communities of Bangladesh in Disaster Risk Management Strategies.

Climate change is known to impact coastal areas in a variety of ways. The threat of climate changerequires effective disaster risk management, especially in highly vulnerable ecosystems such as islandcommunities of Southeastern Bangladesh. Past disaster experiences in different parts of the world haverevealed the importance of integrating traditional ecological knowledge with scientific findings in managingdisaster.. Read More