Md. Ashiqur Rahman

Governance matters: climate change, corruption, and livelihoods in Bangladesh

Governance matters climate change, corruption, and livelihoods in Bangladesh In world climate science, Bangladesh is considered a poster child of vulnerability.The primary stressors that affect the vulnerability of the Bangladeshi population include sea-level rise, biodiversity degradation, saltwater intrusion, desertification, social exclusion, un- stable political conditions, and weak governance systems. Governance is an important non- climatic stressor that.. Read More

Governance matters: Power, corruption, social exclusion, and climate change in Bangladesh

Although there is a growing literature on non-climatic drivers of vulnerability to climate change, there are only a few empirical case studies that demonstrate the process through which vulnerability is produced. Moreover, existing climate literature offer very limited insights on the linkages between governance and vulnerability to climate change. Within the governance framework, this dissertation.. Read More

Local Response to Global Climate Change: A Case of Drinking Water in a Bangladesh Village

Bangladesh, a low-lying alluvial country with 150 million population facing 710 km long coast to the Bay of Bengal is one of those countries which is responsible least but victim most of global warming or climate change. Different projection shows that a large coastal portion of this country will be severely affected due to sea.. Read More

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