Mohammad Mahfujul Haque

Integrated floating cage aquageoponics system (IFCAS): An innovation in fish and vegetable production for shaded ponds in Bangladesh

Farmer participatory action research was carried out from July to December 2013 to design and construct a technology known as IFCAS (integrated floating cage aquageoponics system) for growing fish and vegetables in shaded ponds in the Barisal region of Bangladesh under the EU funded ANEP (Agriculture and Nutrition Extension Project). Here the terms aqua, geo.. Read More


A critical assessment of knowledge quality for climate adaptation in Sylhet Division, Bangladesh

There are numerous challenges to mobilising high quality knowledge in support of climate adaptation. Urgent adaptive action often has to be taken on the basis of imperfect information, with the risk of maladaptive consequences. These issues of knowledge quality can be particularly acute in vulnerable developing countries like Bangladesh, where there can be less capacity.. Read More

The adoption process of ricefield-based fish seed production in Northwest Bangladesh: An understanding through quantitative and qualitative investigation

Purpose: The purpose of the study was to understand the adoption process of ricefield based fish seed production (RBFSP) that has been developed, promoted and established in Northwest Bangladesh. Design/Methodology/Approach: Quantitative investigation based on regression analysis and qualitative investigation using semi-structured interview were carried out to enhance understanding of the adoption process of RBFSP. Findings:.. Read More

The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension