Urban Risk Assessment (URA) Guideline

My City Is Getting Ready – the guidelines have been adopted from the Global Safer City Campaign of UNISDR. In this connection, the Mayor and other members are trained on the Ten–point checklist essential for making cities resilient and on the use of Local Government Self-Assessment Tool (LG-SAT). CDMP under the MoDMR has been invested.. Read More


Non-farm livelihood adaptation approaches and technologies: In the context of climate change vulnerability

This is a field study that identify climate induced risks on farm activities; also identify non-farm livelihood adaptation option for climate change & disaster vulnerable community; identify policy gaps and measures to fill the gaps.

Trend and Impact Analysis of Internal Displacement due to the Impacts of Disaster and Climate Change

The issue of ‘climate change induced forced migration’ has received immense importance in recent discourse. Report says that by 2050 one in every 45 people in the world and one in every 7 people in Bangladesh will be displaced by climate change. Although there are number of literature and scholarly articles warned about the future.. Read More


Local Level Hazard Maps For Flood, Storm, Surge and Salinity

Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme Conducted series of climate change adaptation research studies and the current issue derived local level hazard maps on flood , storm surge & salinity. Based on the study a research publication has been done already. Considering the importance of data and information in the hazard for decision making by the policy.. Read More

Development of Four Decade Long Climate Scenario and Trend Temperature, Rainfall, Sunshine and Humidity

Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme (CDMP II) has conducted several studies on climate change adaptation in which one study was titled as “Development of Four decade long climate scenario and trend: Temperature, Rainfall, Sunshine and Humidity”. The study tried to asses the long-term trends of climate change of various climate variables such as temperature, rainfall, sunshine.. Read More

4 decades

Workshop on Climate Change Impact Modeling Report & Presentations

Bangladesh is already experiencing climate related hazards like floods, droughts, cyclones and others which will aggravate following climate change and changes in climate variability. A significant part of the coastal region is threatened by salinity intrusion and submersion due to sea level rise. The general predictions are – more floods, untimely floods, more droughts, drainage.. Read More