Mohammad Tareq Hasan

Surviving Cyclones: The Indigenous Wisdom

Cyclones are intense low-pressure systems that form over tropical oceans with sustained winds exceeding 63 km/hr surrounding the center. Bangladesh, due to its conical shape and location on the tip of the Bay of Bengal, is vulnerable to periodic natural disasters especially cyclones. Cyclone “Sidr” ravaged the coastal belt of Bangladesh on 15th November, 2007… Read More

grassroots voise

Cyclones and the Rakhain: Indigenous Perception, Prediction and Survival Strategies

Bangladesh is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. Natural calamities like cyclones, tornadoes, tidal surges, storm surges, riverbank erosion, floods and droughts are very frequent in this country. Of the natural disasters, cyclones together with storm surges appear to be the most devastating, especially in the coastal areas. In the coastal.. Read More