Asif Ishtiaque

Examination of coastal vulnerability framings at multiple levels of governance using spatial MCDA approach

Abstract The multidimensional impacts of climate change necessitate participation of large scale organizations in the management of vulnerability to climate change. Operating at multiple levels of governance, these organizations help manage the deleterious effects of changing climate for different sectors of human-environment systems. How they frame vulnerability, what influences their framings, why are their framings aligned or misaligned: while.. Read More


Robust-yet-fragile nature of partly engineered social-ecological systems: a case study of coastal Bangladesh

Modern social-ecological systems are often partly engineered to enhance the robustness (or reduce the variance) of human welfare to environmental fluctuations over a foreseeable time horizon. Recent studies show, however, that subtle trade-offs are usually inherent in such efforts of enhancing short-term robustness. Managing variance on short time scales is likely to be associated with.. Read More

Competing policies to protect mangrove forest: A case from Bangladesh

Commercial shrimp aquaculture began in coastal Bangladesh in the late 1970s and now represents the second-largest export sector after garments in the nation. Hailed as harbinger of a blue revolution that could lift the people out of poverty and food insecurity, shrimp aquaculture has exploded across the Sundarban of southwest Bangladesh. This rapid expansion threatens.. Read More


Examining the ecosystem health and sustainability of the world’s largest mangrove forest using multi-temporal MODIS products

Sweeping across Bangladesh and India, the Sundarbans forest is the world’s largest contiguous mangrove forest. Although the human population density is high at the edge, Sundarbans has not encountered significant areal transformation in the last four decades. However, we argue that forest degradation can occur discontinuously within the forest without alteration of the entire forest.. Read More