M. S. Islam

Assessment of Biogas Resources for Rural Electrification in Bangladesh

Production of biogas from organic waste exposes massive interest in many parts of the world. Biogasproduction system offers various sorts of benefits over other forms of bio-energy as it provides different forms ofenergy and reduces huge amount of environmental impact. As Bangladesh is an agricultural country, it hasblessed with plenty of biomass, which can be.. Read More


Detection of Trend in Hydrologic Variables Using non-parametric test: A study on Surma River in northeastern Bangladesh

An initiative has been taken to investigate the trends in discharge and water level (WL) of the Surma River in northeastern Bangladesh. The daily time series data of discharge and WL from two stations named Kanairghat and Sylhet with a period of 42 years (1973 – 2014) and 35 years (1980 – 2014) respectively have.. Read More

Performance evaluation of improved cook stoves (ICS) disseminating in Bangladesh

This paper describes the monitoring and evaluation of three improved cook stove (ICS) provided by GIZ, which were they disseminated throughout the Bangladesh. The project assessed stove performance using lab-based water boiling tests (WBTs), which yield a number of performance indicators including time to water boil, specific fuel consumption, average fire power and energy efficiency.. Read More


Effects of local climate variability on transmission dynamics of cholera in Matlab, Bangladesh

Cholera is considered as a model for climate-related infectious diseases. In Bangladesh, cholera epidemics occur during summer and winter seasons, but it is not known how climate variability influences the seasonality of cholera. Therefore, the variability pattern of cholera events was studied in relation to the variation in local climate variables in Matlab, Bangladesh. Classification.. Read More