Fuad H. Mallick

Improved design and construction of rural housing in Noakhali

Our country, especially the coastal regions of Bangladesh has evolved in the face of repetitious calamities i.e. most regularly hit by cyclones. It is with this in mind that IUCN initiated a project, at Noakhali, on March 2008, that focuses on the current ‘CLIMATE CRISIS’ and building of stronger, safer local houses which will respect.. Read More

disaster risk management

Cyclone and tornado risk and reduction approaches in Bangladesh

The physiographical features of Bangladesh coast make it susceptible to cyclones and associated surges. According to the Multipurpose Cyclone Shelter Programme report, 6.4 % of the country is considered High Risk Area where the surge height may exceed 1 m. The country has been devastated by a number of cyclones resulting hundreds of thousands of.. Read More