Mahfuzul Haque

Community–based Adaptation to Climate Change: Experience of the Coastline of Bangladesh

Abstract The conical shape of the Bay of Bengal, the low-lying coast and Bangladesh’s very location on the tip of the sea have made the country most vulnerable to periodic natural disasters like, cyclone and tidal surges. The coastal zone is characterized by a vast network of rivers and tidal channels; erosion and accretion processes.. Read More


Challenges in Climate Finance Governance in Bangladesh and Way Out

Bangladesh has been ranked as the most vulnerable country in the world due to the effect of global climate change. Globally and nationally, climate change is considered as a challenge for Bangladesh, its development, livelihood of people, socio-economic advancement, stability, poverty reduction as well as overall security and existence. According to Climate Change Vulnerability Index.. Read More

Climate Finance in Bangladesh: Governance Challenges and Way Out

This report was prepared based on the findings generated through monitoring of fund flows and tracking of projects; one from Bangladesh Climate change Trust Fund (BCCTF) and another from Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund (BCCRF). It also identified governance challenges in the approvals and relation of projects submitted by NGOs and think tanks by the.. Read More