Kushal Roy

Social, hydro-ecological and climatic change in the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh

This study investigates the historical development of the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh through the lens of human-delta co-evolutionary system. The change process of social and hydro-ecological systems is described based on the drivers–pressure–state–impact–response (DPSIR) framework. The multiple physical and socio-economic drivers such as climatic change, upstream development, geologic process, land use change-affected river flow,.. Read More


Future Climate Change and Moisture Stress: Impact on Crop Agriculture in South-Western Bangladesh

Scenario of Moisture Stress in soils and its effects on major crops in South-western region of Bangladesh (grid cell: 22.50N – 25.0N, 87.50E – 90.00ooE) has been assessed based on climate scenarios for two projection years 2030 and 2075 compared to the 1990 baseline. The climate scenarios were developed using an ensemble of 15 GCM.. Read More

Irrigation water quality assessment and identification of river pollution sources in Bangladesh: Implications in policy and management

Due to uncontrolled rapid industrialization and the lack of decisive and effective policy framework, river water pollution is posing an increasing threat to surface water irrigation in Bangladesh. In this paper, irrigation water quality and possible sources of pollution in the watershed of the Khiru River have been assessed. Results indicate severe degradation in water.. Read More