M. Shamsuzzoha

Implementation of Water Safety Plan Considering Climatic Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh: A Study on Patuakhali Pourashava Water Supply System

Disaster extreme events and its variability have been posing a substantial threat to the water supply system considering the physical, chemical and biological hazards. The aim of this research is to find out the major disaster risks which have subsequent impacts on water supply system. To attain the research objectives both qualitative and quantitative data.. Read More


Analysis of variability in rainfall patterns in greater Rajshahi division using GIS

The study entitled ‘Analysis of Changes in Rainfall Patterns in Rajshahi Division using GIS’ is an experimental climatological research. The main objectives of the study is to examine the long-term changes in rainfall patterns of Rajshahi Division. Secondary data of rainfall distribution have been collected from Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD), Dhaka. The study has analysed.. Read More