Ranjan Roy

Resilience of coastal agricultural systems in Bangladesh: Assessment for agroecosystem stewardship strategies

Assessments of “resilience” are becoming a priority across multiple sectors. Specifically, the coastal agricultural system in Bangladesh faces a multitude of problems such as sea-level rise. Building resilience for this system is thus important in accelerating the country’s socio-economic development. Therefore, the objectives of this study are (a) to assess the resilience of coastal agricultural.. Read More


Evaluating the Suitability of Community-Based Adaptation: A Case Study of Bangladesh

Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) is increasingly recognised as a promising approach for the most vulnerable people to adapt to climate change impacts. However, CBA has conceptual and procedural challenges, e.g., lacking of an established theory. Under this context evaluating the suitability of CBA merits a closer look. The purpose of the study is to evaluate the.. Read More

Determinants of sustainable irrigated and rainfed rice farming in Bangladesh

In Asia, food security and poverty alleviation depends on sustainable rice production. The study examined factors determining irrigated and rainfed rice farming sustainability in Bangladesh. Data for the study were collected through a farm households survey, covering 390 rice growers (sample size was determined by using the Sloven’s formula), and also via observation, key informant.. Read More


Sustainability of rice production systems: an empirical evaluation to improve policy

An evaluation is needed to monitor the progress of sustainable development (SD) in rice production systems. The purpose of this study is to provide policy inputs, examine the sustainability of rice production, and determine major policy areas. A requisite set of 12 indicators of three dimensions of SD, namely economic, was generated by employing an.. Read More