Md. Mustafa Saroar

Local determinants of adaptive capacity against the climatic impacts in coastal Bangladesh

A growing body of literature came up with suggestion to enhance adaptive capacity of poor and marginalized population to build a resilient society against climatic disasters. Although many earlier qualitative works have indicated the factors that should be addressed to enhance such adaptive capacity, however very scanty of them quantitatively assessed the influences of those.. Read More


Livelihood vulnerability and displacement in coastal Bangladesh: understanding the nexus

Although numerous researches came up with various estimates about climate migrants from coastal Bangladesh, yet the connections between vulnerability and forced displacement are poorly understood. This research is aimed first, to assess the linkages between people’s livelihood vulnerability and their intention for outmigration from the coast; second, to identify the vulnerability reduction measures, implementation of.. Read More

Adaptation Strategies Against Salinity-Induced Vulnerability in Coastal Bangladesh

Both climatic and non-climatic factors’ induced salinity in coastal plains has posed a formidable challenge for livelihood security of natural resource-dependent coastal population in Bangladesh. This chapter is aimed to identify the broad adaptation strategies that are more likely to be employed by coastal people against salinity to secure their livelihood. This study heavily draws.. Read More

local env

Adaptation in situ or retreat? A multivariate approach to explore the factors that guide the peoples’ preference against the impacts of sea level rise in coastal Bangladesh

This paper is aimed to identify the factors that influence peoples’ preference for adaptation against the impacts of sea level rise (SLR). A total of 285 respondents from three coastal villages in Bangladesh are randomly interviewed using a semi-structured questionnaire. First, employing the principal component analysis various factors that influence adaptation preferences of people are.. Read More

Impacts of climatic disasters in coastal Bangladesh: why does private adaptive capacity differ?

This paper quantitatively assesses the influences of various demographic and socio-economic factors, past adaptive behavioral factors, access to weather/climate information, and spatial/locational factors on coastal populations’ perceived adaptive capacity against major impacts of hydro-meteorological disasters on their livelihood. A total of 285 respondents from three coastal villages in Bangladesh were randomly interviewed between January and.. Read More