Dr Joanne Jordan

Climate shocks and adaptation strategies in coastal Bangladesh: does microcredit have a part to play?

  • , et al.
  • 2020

ABSTRACT Microcredit has become a component of global development. Recently, the climate change and disaster community have proposed that it may be able to facilitate climate change adaptation, but whether this is the case remains under-researched. Addressing this gap, this paper examines the question in relation to microcredit’s ability to support adaptation strategies that effectively.. Read More


The Lived Experience of Climate Change: A Story of One Piece of Land. Engagement and Impact Report

  • 2018

This report evaluates the impact of a project that examined the ‘everyday’ realities and impact of climate change on the lives of low-income people in Dhaka, Bangladesh. For my research looking at urban climate resilience and how land tenure affects adaptation to climate change, I spent months in Duaripara informal settlement talking to over 600.. Read More

Deconstructing resilience: why gender and power matter in responding to climate stress in Bangladesh

Resilience is increasingly becoming the new buzz word. This paper examines the utility of the concept of resilience for understanding the gendered experiences of women to climate stress, through case study research in South-west Bangladesh. It provides evidence that resilience, as commonly understood, is inadequate for understanding the intersecting vulnerabilities that women face because of.. Read More


Swimming alone? The role of social capital in enhancing local resilience to climate stress: a case study from Bangladesh

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There has been increasing examination of resilience as a concept applicable to climate adaptation. In this paper, resilience is used to explore the layers of responses to past and present climate stress. It examines the factors and circumstances that may hinder or enhance resilience, providing insights into past and present adaptation processes that may be.. Read More