Md. Saifur Rahman

Formal and Informal Interests of Donors to Allocate Aid: Spending Patterns of USAID, GIZ, and EU Forest Development Policy in Bangladesh

Whether aid serves the development needs of a recipient country rather than the interests of donors has been a topic of much debate and research in the field of development studies. Donor agencies have interests, as does any political actor, and bureaucratic politics theory states that any bureaucracy has a dual interest, consisting of delivering.. Read More


Foreign donors driving policy change in recipient countries: Three decades of development aid towards community-based forest policy in Bangladesh

The influence of foreign actors on domestic policy change is a major question in political and development studies, involving issues of sovereignty as well as major methodological challenges in its analysis. This study analyses the influence of donor aid for development projects on domestic policy change, particularly on community-based forest development policy in Bangladesh. With.. Read More

Power players in biodiversity policy: Insights from international and domestic forest biodiversity initiatives in Bangladesh from 1992 to 2013

Introducing new biodiversity policies raises questions ripe for political analysis, such as: (i) How effective are these policies on the ground? (ii) Which actors benefit from them the most? The latter question implies that potential beneficiaries of the policies will exist within both civil society and the state agencies commissioned to formulate, implement, and evaluate.. Read More