Bishawjit Mallick

Living with the Risks of Cyclone Disasters in the South-Western Coastal Region of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. Cyclone disasters that affect millions of people, destroy homesteads and livelihoods, and trigger migration are common in the coastal region of Bangladesh. The aim of this article is to understand how the coastal communities in Bangladesh deal with the continuous threats of cyclones… Read More


Environment, Migration and Adaptation Evidence and Politics of Climate Change in Bangladesh

Between the national and household factors, community or “meso-level” changes in political economy and livelihoods in southwestern Bangladesh illustrate that in order to understand the impacts on people and nations of climate change-related environmental changes – changes that are expected to include rising sea level, saline inundation, and increased likelihood and intensity of cyclones in.. Read More

Migration as an Adaptation Strategy and Its Consequences on Coastal Society: Experience from Bangladesh

In this article I investigated the complex relationship between disasters, migration and pov-erty in a case study carried out in one of the poorest and most disaster-prone countries in the world. The focus was set on individual household and community adaptation strategies. Through a literature review in this field I have developed and tested my.. Read More


Environment, Migration and Adaptation Evidence and Politics of Climate Change in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of those countries in the Global South that is often referred to as being particularly vulnerable to climate change. Forced displacement and ‘environmentally-induced migration’ are said to be a logical consequence of climate change impacts. And indeed, the contributions in a recently published book called “Environment, Migration and Adaptation. Evidence and Politics.. Read More