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Date: 8th - 11th January, 2018

Time: 9:00am to 5:30pm

Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh

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The 4th Annual Gobeshona Conference for Research on Climate Change in Bangladesh will be held on 8-11 January 2018. The brand of this conference is “Gobeshona4″. The whole conference is divided in 3 sections: (1) Local Solutions (2) Science Policy Dialogues and (3) Communicating Research. First three days of the conference are allocated for the researchers to present their findings. This year we are looking for research based solutions on the local vulnerabilities in Bangladesh.

Local Solutions

Science Policy Dialogue

Communicating Research

Day 1

8 Jan 2018

Day 2

9 Jan 2018

Day 3
10 Jan 2018

Day 4

11 Jan 2018

Additional Day

12 Jan 2018

Barind areas

Coastal, Floodplain and Haor

Forests, Hills and Cities

SDG 13, Climate Finance and more

Videos and Communications


Each year foreign delegates join Gobeshona conferences to know how Bangladesh is adapting to the adverse impacts of climate change. We have international keynotes, international presenters, LDC representatives and Bangladeshi climate change academics and experts living abroad as participants of the conference. Gobeshona4 is an excellent opportunity for networking with policymakers, government and non-government representatives, donour agencies, international organizations who gather to learn the latest research on climate change in Bangladesh.

Gobeshona Team hope to organise another successful conference!






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