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The 6th Gobeshona International Conference on Research into Action in Bangladesh will be held during 20-24 January 2020. This year, the conference will have more international participants and high profile guests, like the Honorable Prime Minister, HE Sheikh Hasina and the three co-chairs of the Global Commission on Adaptation (GCA), Kristalina Georgiva, Ban Ki Moon, and Bill Gates. The Chair of the GCF will join as a keynote speaker.
The Conference is divided into two sections: (1) Technical sessions & panel discussions and (2) Science Policy Dialogue.


The sessions will be on topical national and international issues –
•Disaster Management •Loss and Damage •Natural Resource Management •Resilient Livelihoods
•Mitigation •Adaptation Technology •Gender Equality and Social Inclusion •Health and Well-Being
•Climate-induced Migration •Food Security •Climate Finance and Governance •Water Security •SDG 13 – Climate Action



The 4th day of Gobeshona6 will arrange a science policy dialogue with policymakers. One of the world’s prominent climate scientists, Dr. Saleemul Huq is designing the sessions reflecting his extensive national and international experience on climate change. After the science policy dialogue, the concluding session will follow, with participation of high level government officials.

Each year foreign delegates join Gobeshona Conferences to know how Bangladesh is adapting to the adverse impacts of climate change. There will be keynote speeches, international presenters, LDC representatives and Bangladeshi climate change experts and practitioners. Gobeshona is an excellent opportunity to network with policymakers, government and non- government representatives and development agencies, who come to learn the latest research on climate change in Bangladesh.



Gobeshona promotes engagement with youth for mutual learning and sharing of their perspectives, to help them effectively plan for their climate related works. This Conference will create a unique opportunity for youth to network with their peers as well as with senior researchers and policy-makers.