Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

Communication Intern

Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman is the Communication Intern of YPARD (Young Professionals for Agricultural Development) Bangladesh. He has extensive experience in both scientific and social research, plus over three year’s experience in planning and reporting on climate change, public health, environmental, social and development interventions. He has worked as a Research Assistant of RMMRU, CCDB, BCAS, BIID and Grameen Communications in their different development and research projects. After Bachelor in Environmental Sciences from Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, he has completed Master’s degree from the same Department. During his graduation and post-graduation study, he was involved in several extracurricular activities and volunteered with different national and international organizations such as MIT Climate CoLab, WISER.ORG, Oxfam Bangladesh, Earth day Network,,, Bangladesh Junior Academy of Science (BJAS), JICA, DOE, etc. He has a good command in software packages such as ArcGIS, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint and fair command in SPSS, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. He is also the member of Bangladesh Society of Environmental Scientists (BSES). As an extra curriculum activity, he is also the co-founder and Editor of an online environmental magazine named ‘Green Magazine’ (, which is first of its kind in Bangladesh. He has presented his research works in national and international conferences and have published several articles in peer-reviewed international journals. He was selected as a fellow of GOBESHONA Young Researchers Program-2017 arranged by the International Centre for Climate Change & Development (ICCCAD). He is motivated to work in the research field of climate change and sustainable development. He loved travelling and interested in sharing creative ideas.

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