Evidence against disaster-induced migration: The 2004 tornado in north-central Bangladesh

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Migration is generally considered to be one of the primary responses to a natural disaster. The existing literature widely acknowledges the fact that disaster victims migrate from affected areas. This paper, though, provides empirical evidence of the non-occurrence of out-migration in the aftermath of the 14 April 2004 tornado in Bangladesh. Data collected from 291.. Read More

Reducing adaptation costs to climate change through stakeholder-focused project design The case of Khulna city in Bangladesh

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This study takes a stakeholder-focused approach to exploring the economics of adapting to climate change in Khulna city, Bangladesh. This is one of five country case studies in the economics of adaptation to climate change in the water sector project. Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is a tool for analysing the economic feasibility of projects. It is.. Read More


Dealing with unavoidable climate costs

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Climate change will bring loss and damage we can’t mitigate or adapt to. This Reflect and Act showcases a project in Bangladesh that is looking at how to address the risks. Bangladesh, long a pioneer on adaptation research, has now become a laboratory for addressing loss and damage. Needing to know more about the emerging.. Read More