Ongoing Research

Climate Territories


Jason Cons, University of Texas at Austin, .
, .

Research Start Date:

January 2015

Expected Completion Date:

December 2017

This project focuses on the ways that disaster is conceptualized both within and outside of Bangladesh. It traces the ways that framings and imaginations of Bangladesh shape policy and programing decisions and outcomes. It focuses on changing conceptualizations of the India-Bangladesh border as a climate border, on the history of disaster in Bangladesh, on policy processes related to climate and disaster risk reduction in Dhaka, and on the micro politics of implementing adaptation and disaster resilience programs in the Southwest. Though this project takes a conceptual approach to disaster, it is intend to inform policy discussions about disaster preparedness, resilience, and adaptation. In particular, it foregrounds the ways that reconceptualizing disaster might open up strategies to better foreground the concerns of communities that are the targets of disaster preparedness programs.

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