Ongoing Research

Community-based adaptation to climate change: a case study of Bangladesh.


Eckstein, L.
, .

Research Start Date:

May 2015

Expected Completion Date:

June 2015

The thesis aims to contribute to the global discussion on climate change by emphasising the urgent necessity to enable people most vulnerable to climate change to adapt according to their own priorities, and build resilience through empowerment.

The concept of Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) is considered most suitable to implement adaptation on the community level, according to actual needs and capabilities, to empower people to help themselves, and develop local ownership for adaptation, and avoid maladaptation.
Bangladesh is considered to be on the forfront for adaptation efforts among LDCs, which has gained experience with CBA approaches and could potentially serve as role model for other countries.

The thesis wants to analyse CBA in Bangladesh according to three research questions:
1) How are adaptation processes conducted in Bangladesh?
2) Which options and challenges exist for CBA projects in Bangladesh?
3) Why do stakeholders of adaptation participate in such projects?

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