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Evaluation of a large ensemble regional climate modelling system for extreme weather events analysis over Bangladesh

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Abstract Potential increases in the risk of extreme weather events under climate change can have significant socio‐economic impacts at regional levels. These impacts are likely to be particularly high in South Asia where Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries. Regional climate models (RCMs) are valuable tools for studying weather and climate at finer.. Read More

Managing Abiotic Stresses With Rice Agriculture to Achieve Sustainable Food Security: Bangladesh Perspective

Abstract Bangladesh is one of the most thickly populated, agriculturally based countries of the world. The crop sector, particularly the rice and rice farming system, is the major source of nutrition to the whole nation and is under serious threat due to climate change. Scientists are concerned about the increasing frequency and intensity of natural.. Read More


Rethinking sediments, tidal rivers and delta livelihoods: tidal river management as a strategic innovation in Bangladesh

Abstract Many urbanised deltas face development challenges due to growing economies, populations and climate change. Changes in land–water strategies are often required, as ‘business-as-usual’ solutions are no longer sufficient. The aim of this paper was to study tidal river management (TRM) as a strategic innovation, and trace how it is appreciated by people and used.. Read More

Feasibility of waste to energy conversion in Bangladesh

Abstract: Bangladesh is one the fastest developing countries with lots of opportunities due to its rich natural resources and human power. With the governments vision of digital Bangladesh the usage of electronic equipment is increasing day by day. Not only that due to huge population in the capital city Dhaka the wastage is increasing day.. Read More


Mass Engagement of the Local Communities in Mud Crab Culture in the Sundarban Area, Bangladesh: A Potential Livelihood under Threats of Climate Change

Abstract This paper describes the present status and future possibilities of engagement of coastal communities in mud crab fishery. Mud crab is one of the leading fisheries products and ranked third among fisheries commodity exports from Bangladesh. Among the exported crabs, 60% is coming from the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans. The country earns about.. Read More

Impacts of Salinity Intrusion on Nitrogen Fixing Microbial Community of Sesbania bispinosa from Three Different Regions of Bangladesh

Abstract The salinity intrusion due to the effect of global climate change is a major concern in the coastal regions of Bangladesh. It makes both surface- and ground-water saline along the coast which hampers the natural ecosystems and in extreme cases can challenge extinctions of different species. Nitrogen fixing bacteria living in a symbiotic relationship.. Read More



Abstract Climate change is becoming a major concern in Bangladesh agriculture day by day. Bangladesh is an agro based country and its agriculture is completely dependent on climatic situations. The abrupt distribution of rainfall, terminal drought occurrence, reduction of surface water flow, ground water depletion and salinity intrusion in costal area are causing sever water.. Read More

The Effect of Salinity in the flora and fauna of the Sundarbans and the impacts on local livelihood

Abstract The Sundarbans is a great source of lives, ecosystem and livelihood of the people in the southwest part of Bangladesh. Many natural and manmade issues are threatening this area. Salinity is one of such issues, which creates difficulties in the natural ecosystem and livelihood of the people in the Sundarbans. This paper aims to.. Read More



ABSTRACT Global warming-led climate change, interventions on river system, rapid urbanization and unplanned industrialization have interrupted natural laws, which appeared as threats to human livelihoods in Bangladesh. This study synthesized of how much has the human actions influenced and would influence the human ecology. This research acknowledged that food security, healthcare and settlement for growing.. Read More

Cyclone warning in Bangladesh and preparedness effort

Abstract: Historically the impact of cyclones on Bangladesh has been catastrophic, sometimes killing hundreds of thousands of people. Usually the country faces the threat of cyclones on a yearly basis but the strength and ferocity of these cyclones are being further escalated with the increased threats of climate change with warming sea water and rising.. Read More