An assessment of community-base adaptation practices in south-western region of Bangladesh

  • 2017

CARE Bangladesh has recently decided to carry out a study to evaluate a few selected best community-based adaptation (CBA) practices which are being tested in the SWR of Bangladesh. Recognizing that CBA modalities have evolved and advanced primarily in the South-western region (SWR) of Bangladesh through the introduction of the RVCC project (2002-2005) by CARE.. Read More

Empowerment, Asymmetrical Power Relations and Impacts of Information Technology in Rural Bangladesh

In the wider context of growing digitalisation in South Asia, this article examines the impacts of a public–private–people partnership (4Ps) information and communication technology (ICT) initiative of the Bangladesh government, administered through local governmental offices, the Union Information Service Centre (UISC). Scrutinising the operation of six UISCs in rural communities across Bangladesh, the study researches.. Read More

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“What do others think?” An emic approach to participatory action research in Bangladesh

Community informatics and Information and Communications Technology for Development research projects frequently focus on the appropriation of ICTs and the design of information systems to meet the needs of communities. Such projects typically involve a range of participants reflecting different cultures and depend for their success on the ability of the project to bridge differences… Read More

Women’s education, religion and fertility in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has experiencing a fertility decline over the last few decades. Although many factors have been shown to influence women’s childbearing but socioeconomic factors such as education and religion are some of the prime factors that mainly influence women’s fertility in Bangladesh. So, it is important to know how education and religion determine women’s mean.. Read More


Spatial and temporal analysis of a 17-year lightning climatology over Bangladesh with LIS data

Using NASA’s TRMM Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) data from 1998 to 2014, this paper presents a 17-year lightning climatology of Bangladesh, at 0.5° × 0.5° spatial resolution. Diurnal, seasonal, monthly and annual variations in the occurrence of lightning flashes were explored. The diurnal regime of lightning is dominated by afternoon/evening events. Overall, peak lightning activity occurs in.. Read More

Temporal dynamics of land use/land cover change and its prediction using CA-ANN model for southwestern coastal Bangladesh

Change analysis of land use and land cover (LULC) is a technique to study the environmental degradation and to control the unplanned development. Analysis of the past changing trend of LULC along with modeling future LULC provides a combined opportunity to evaluate and guide the present and future land use policy. The southwest coastal region.. Read More

International Journal of the Commons

Enhancing coordination in water management through communication tools: Results from experimental games in Coastal Bangladesh

Canal siltation is a pervasive problem in coastal Bangladesh causing water-logging and losses in crop yield. Although timely maintenance of canals through regular contributions from the community can solve this problem; it often breaks down because of the free riding issue, a common feature in the provision of public goods. Previous literature on experimental games.. Read More

Social Impacts of Solar Home Systems in Rural Areas: A Case Study in Bangladesh

As an alternative source of off-grid electric power, solar home systems (SHS) stand out above all other options (e.g., wind, hydro, geo-thermal, tidal systems) because of their wide-scale potential at latitudes less than 45° north or south of the Equator where daily solar irradiance is more constant throughout the year and where the bulk of.. Read More


Remote Sensing-Based Quantification of the Impact of Flash Flooding on the Rice Production: A Case Study over Northeastern Bangladesh

The northeastern region of Bangladesh often experiences flash flooding during the pre-harvesting period of the boro rice crop, which is the major cereal crop in the country. In this study, our objective was to delineate the impact of the 2017 flash flood (that initiated on 27 March 2017) on boro rice using multi-temporal Landsat-8 OLI and MODIS data. Initially,.. Read More

Bamboo beating bandits: conflict, inequality, and vulnerability in the political ecology of climate change adaptation in Bangladesh

Bangladesh contributes little to global greenhouse gas emissions, yet it is one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change. Based on semi-structured research interviews as a conduit to a literature review, this paper shows how the processes of enclosure, exclusion, encroachment, and entrenchment impede the vitality of its climate change adaptation efforts. Enclosure refers.. Read More

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