Climate Change, Water Scarcity, and Health Adaptation in Southwestern Coastal Bangladesh

Abstract Climate change may affect human health through multiple and interactive pathways that include safe water scarcity. However, impacts of climate change-induced water scarcity on health and well-being are complex. About 80% of illnesses in developing countries are attributed to unsafe drinking water and waterborne diseases. In Southwestern Bangladesh, lack of safe drinking water is.. Read More

Urban Heat Island and Mitigation Technologies in Asian and Australian Cities—Impact and Mitigation

Introduction Heat island is one of the more documented phenomena of climate change. It deals with increased urban temperatures compared to those of the surrounding rural or suburban areas [1]. Heat islands in low and mid-latitude areas increase the cooling load of buildings, thermal discomfort, pollution levels and heat-related illness. Studies have shown that urban.. Read More

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Reassessment of cyperaceous weed biodiversity at Bangladesh Agricultural University campus

Abstract A floristic survey has been carried out from January 2015 to January 2016 to investigate the species diversity of Cyperaceous weeds present at Bangladesh Agricultural University campus. A total of 48 species belonging to 11 genera has been collected and identified. Among these, the prominent genus was Fimbristylis (13 species) followed by Cyperus (12 species) and three genera viz. Actinoscirpus,.. Read More

Integrated water resources management (IWRM) impacts in south west coastal zone of Bangladesh and fact-finding on tidal river management (TRM)

ABSTRACT The south west coastal zone of Bangladesh has been affected by rampant water logging due to vulnerable climate, silted rivers and stumpy terrain; and introduction of IWRM and TRM at some places of the zone has substantially safeguarded the circumstance. This study aims to assess the benefits achieved due to implementation of IWRM in.. Read More

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Analysis of large-scale flood inundation area using optimal topographic factors

Abstract Recent flood disasters caused by climate change and abnormal weather. As spatial pattern changes become more complicated, flood forecasting becomes increasingly difficult. It is necessary to prepare a flood risk map that includes information such as flood risk level and flood coverage as unstructured measures to prevent and respond to flood damage caused by such weather.. Read More

Exploring Public Opinion on the Climate Change Issues in Bangladesh

Abstract The aim of the study is to explore the public opinion, regarding the national to global concern on high vulnerabilities of Bangladesh to the climate change associated issues and impacts. The study was conducted based on primary data from questionnaire survey and a total of 800 respondents from four Upazilas of the north-eastern Bangladesh.. Read More

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Abstract The agriculture of Bangladesh has been recognized as one of the most vulnerable sectors to the impacts of climate change due to its juxtaposing geographical position. This study examined the nexus between long-term (1960–2014) climate variables with the yield and area of major food crops in selected agro-ecosystems (Gazipur, Comilla, Jessore, and Dinajpur) of.. Read More

Impacts of Climate Change in Crop Production: A Developing Country Perspective

Abstract The aim of this study was to explore the impact of climate change on agriculture especially crops production in the rural area of Bangladesh. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used. Data were collected through using the tools and techniques of social survey and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) along with case study and Key.. Read More

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Future Projection of Meteorological Drought Characteristics over Bangladesh using Effective Drought Index (EDI)

Abstract Climate change increases the odds of worsening drought in many parts of the planet. Bangladesh is one of the most natural disaster-prone country, and particularly drought is the most complex but least understood of all natural hazards in Bangladesh. Therefore variability of the drought characteristics and its future change should be major threatening issues.. Read More

The art of exchanging weather stories

Abstract If children from different countries and cultures want to exchange ideas about weather and climate, then it may be a challenge. They cannot simply write to or Skype each other if they speak different languages. But they can create art for each other! Art transcends language, which opens up an exciting channel of communication… Read More