Schulenburg, A.
Auv, P.
Bodrud-Doza, M.
Haque, M.
Islam, N.
Kamruzzaman, M.
Khan, R.
Mahmud, M.
Rahman, M.
Talukder, M.


Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB)

Year of Publication:


This is the first publication of the Gobeshona Sub-group on Adaptation Technology offers an introduction into the country context of Bangladesh with regard to climate change adaptation. The purpose of this report is to capture and document some interesting adaption technologies that have already been developed and are being put in use in different parts of Bangladesh by different organisations. As this is the first in a series it has focused on a relatively small number of adaptation technologies in the water and agriculture sectors only. We hope that this publication will be useful for those who are looking for sustained technologies to cope with the adverse impacts of climate change.


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