Abbasi, M.
Naeem, K.


Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI)

Year of Publication:



Climate-induced migration is a well-known phenomenon occurring periodically in response to fast and slow onset events. Climate change projections are a global threat, but damaged is perceived to be higher in ecological and economical fragile countries, which are paying huge cost in the form of unprecedented events leading to internal or cross border migration or displacements. Climate-induced migration is itself a big challenge, but particularly after the coronavirus outbreak, its redressal has become top priority in the regions like South Asia, which is considered to be at higher threat to climate extremes. This policy review specifically focuses on climate-induced migration patterns in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan before the outbreak of COVID-19. It aims to address the climate challenge faced by migrants and the transparent role of existing climate change policies and plans in increasing the resilience against the ongoing climate events and building adaptation for migrants or displaced persons.

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