Islam, M.
Das, B.
Hoque, N.
Islam, M.



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Production of biogas from organic waste exposes massive interest in many parts of the world. Biogasproduction system offers various sorts of benefits over other forms of bio-energy as it provides different forms ofenergy and reduces huge amount of environmental impact. As Bangladesh is an agricultural country, it hasblessed with plenty of biomass, which can be used as a source of biogas production. In rural areas ofBangladesh, where more than 65% of the population live, only 51% have access to electricity. There are about102.6 million tons cow dung from 25.5 million cows and buffaloes and 12.9 million tons poultry litter from 291.5 million chickens and ducks until 2016 in Bangladesh. Such a large amount of these wastes has great fuel value which can be utilized to produce biogas for cooking, heating and electricity generation. Bangladesh has the potential to generate 5204 Mm3 of biogas which could add around 7.30 GWh electricity to the national grid. The energy starved Bangladesh needs to promote biogas technology to reduce the dependence on conventional energy system as well to ensure energy security for the future.
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