Roy, M.
Hanlon, J.
Hulme, D.


Anthem Press

Year of Publication:


Bangladesh shows how to adapt, innovate and live in a world affected by climate change.
‘A frank and engaging account of Bangladesh’s environment and development past and present, this important new book challenges
the passive portrayal of countries of the Global South and critiques the unhelpful ways they have been acted upon by international
“experts”. A highly readable and carefully researched account for everyone interested in the local and global dilemmas posed by
climate change.’ –David Lewis, Professor of Social Policy and Development, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
‘A valuable interpretation of climate change stresses in Bangladesh, emphasizing coping, resilience and innovation in the fragile
delta. Past successes are acknowledged; myths are confronted; and ongoing challenges for problem solving, such as poor governance,
corruption and unplanned megacities, are noted. A must read for policy leaders, activists and practitioners wrestling with this global
threat. –Geof Wood, Emeritus Professor of International Development, University of Bath, UK
Severely threatened by climate change, Bangladesh is showing the world how to take an active role in adapting to this situation.
Learning from its own experience in coping with floods and cyclones, Bangladesh is taking the lead in international climate change
negotiations and attempting to persuade the industrialized world to curb emissions.

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