Rahman, A.
Amin, M.
Hossain, P.
Hossain, M.
Mamnun, N.
Mirza, M.
Nabi, A.
Rahman, H.
Rahman, S.
Syed, M.



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The world’s population crossed the 7 billion mark in 2011. is historic landmark underscores the massive challenges of food, ber, water and shelter created by an ever-increasing human population. e challenges will be greater by the middle of the current century, when the population is projected to increase to 11 billion (UNFPA, 2010). According to UNFPA projections, within the
next two decades the world’s urban population will increase to almost 5 billion (UNFPA, 2007). Between 2000 and 2030, urban populations in Asia and Africa are expected to double, and urban areas of the developing world will make up 81 per cent of urban humanity (UNFPA, 2007). Many of these urban centers, including Dhaka, are already mega-cities (with more than 10 million people). Growing populations in the mega-cities and urban centers are creating signicant pressures on limited environmental resources.
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