Miah, M.
Koike, M.
Shin, M.



Year of Publication:


Bangladesh has huge degraded forestlands which can be reforested by the CDM projects. To realize the potential of the forestry sector in developing countries for full-scale emission mitigation, understanding carbon sequestration potential of different species in different types of plantations are important. This chapter deals with carbon sequestrating potentials of the A/R activities with the possible incorporation with the CDM in Bangladesh. The chapter finds that generally the forests of Bangladesh can sequester 92 tC ha–1, on average and 190 tCha–1 in the reforested degraded hill forests in particular. This chapter confirms the potential contribution of the carbon sequestration of the forests of Bangladesh, and positively argues the incorporation of forests with the CDM activities. The A/R CDM policy makers in Bangladesh can get this chapter useful to them.

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