Ferdous, T.



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The study provides an overview of climate change and gender role in the north part of Bangladesh where river bank erosion is one of the most common natural hazards. It states the gender role and adaptation strategy with the danger of the river bank erosion. In erosion prone areas people, especially, women are worried concerning loss of their homesteads and other sufferings and misery. After the river bank erosion affected people lose their original house and suffer without homestead for months and sometimes for years. One of the most vital issues is that since men tend to leave the area in search of employment, all the responsibility of household being falls on the shoulders of women. In this area often male members of the household never come back again. Behind this reason, the cause is that they think the family, women, kids and old persons are burden for them. It is the women in the family who cannot leave her family unfed and unguarded. In the dire poverty and vulnerable situation, women do not give up hope of life and try to cope and survive with the miserable condition due to climate change. Out migration and transfer of the homestead of the village are the coping strategies with river bank erosion. Consequently, women are affected more severely than male but they tolerate their vulnerable situation surreptitiously and hardly show any objection and try to play the effective role for their household and family

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