Uddin, S.
Afrin, M.
Alam, D.



Year of Publication:


The environment of Dhaka city is depraving gradually day by day because of unplanned urbanization, destruction of greeneries by increasing building and economical activities areas to meet the demand of migrated people. This scenario is enhancing the negative change in climate gradually. It is one of the main causes of Buriganga river pollution because of climate change impact. Dhaka city is capital of Bangladesh, which largely depends on the Buriganga River‘s water for drinking, fishing, carrying merchandise and transportation. The quality of water in this river was very poor and the average DO, BOD5, COD, Nitrate and Phosphate concentration in mg/L were 1.11, 82.3, 148.45, 5.92 and 5.83 respectively. This study mainly focused the climate change impact in term of rainfall on Buriganga River and disclosed it that decreasing the rate of rainfall affect the discharge of river because of climate change and increasing the rate of waste water because of incremental economical activities in industries both affects the dilution rate of Buriganga River simultaneously and this scenario will be also big concern in future for increasing climate change impact on rainfall in Dhaka City. In this study, we also discussed about pollution status of this river and finally the way to mitigate or minimize the pollution of Buriganga River

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