Pender, J.


Norwegian Church Aid

Year of Publication:


This paper aims to summarise current international and national literature on climate change and put it into language which will be more easily understood by development practitioners in Bangladesh and elsewhere.

Specifically, the paper is divided into the following sections:

what is climate change?
future climate change predictions
climate change mitigation
climate change effects on Bangladesh
climate change adaptation.

The author makes the following conclusions and recommendations:

adaptation techniques, those listed in the document as well as others, need to be either transferred from other parts of the world or developed in the country, and then trialled in Bangladesh
there is a need for organisations to disseminate their ideas and experiences among like-minded NGOs in Bangladesh
continued research is necessary to determine more accurately future and present effects of climate change on Bangladesh
NGOs in particular with their community linkages should seek to do climate change vulnerability assessments and action plans for their respective working areas, as well as engage vigorously in advocacy for climate change mitigation both internally with the various layers of the Bangladesh Government and internationally through their partners and donors.

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