Hasan, M.



Year of Publication:


Bangladesh is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. Natural calamities like cyclones, tornadoes, tidal surges, storm surges, riverbank erosion, floods and droughts are very frequent in this country. Of the natural disasters, cyclones together with storm surges appear to be the most devastating, especially in the coastal areas. In the coastal belt of Bangladesh, Rakhain is the only minority ethnic community living with unique cultural identity for years having close contact with nature. Therefore, it is assumed that they have developed indigenous perception, prediction and survival strategies, thereby, posses effective disaster management strategies and coping mechanisms. This article tried to identify and reveal the indigenous perception, prediction and survival strategies through the use of in-depth interview, key informant technique, focus group discussion, etc. Rakhains are found mostly to be ignorant of the formal preventive and survival strategies and rely upon their cumulative experiences of the earlier generations, which is evident in the structural adjustments and specific form of housing, prediction of cyclones using different indicators and also in their ability to sustain before the arrival of any outside help.

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