Dhaka Metropolitan Development Planning : Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha

This plan is prepared under Regional Development Planning (RDP) Project within City Region Development Project (CRDP, Package No. CRDP/ RAJUK//S-01, Loan No. BAN-2695) funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) under the Ministry of Housing and Public Works is the implementing agency on behalf of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB). This effort is supported by a team of international and national consultants. The project was launched in December, 2012 and completed in March, 2015. The main objective of the RDP project is to review the existing DMDP (1995-2015) and prepare a revised and updated strategic plan for Dhaka Metropolitan Region for the period of 2016-2035 considering the shifting of underlying philosophies of spatial planning, current situation and future vision of the Dhaka Metropolitan Region (DMR). Other components of the RDP project are conducting feasibility study for a new satellite city, and capacity building of the RAJUK professionals etc.

The current volume is the draft final output of the first component which is actually the major task under this project. There is a separate report for the task assigned under the second component. This task has been undertaken to revise the existing Structure Plan (1995-2015) that expires in 2015, and give development direction to the city for the next 20 years (2016-2035). The revision of the Structure Plan is intended to produce updated strategies keeping in view of the changed circumstances the Metropolitan Region has gone through since 1995. More importantly, it is envisioned that realistic and feasible alternatives for development be drawn for wellcoordinated execution of proposed strategies and plans. Also, it intends to build in-house capacity for preparation and implementation of policies, plans and projects. The Structure Plan is a policy document that sets the ground or serves as the guideline for subsequent local level plans.

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