Khan, R.
Ahmed, D.
Hossain, M.
Mia, M.


Journal of Thermal Energy Systems

Year of Publication:


Searching the alternative energy sources has become essential to meet the energy crisis especially for the developing country like Bangladesh. This article focuses on the importance, possibilities, environmental effects and challenges of harvesting energy from water waves and different wave projects that are ongoing in different countries around the world in order to meet the energy demand of the rapidly rising population and to reduce the use of the conventional energy source mainly fossil fuel, which is one of the key factors held responsible for environmental degradation and Global warming. Furthermore the energy sector scenario of Bangladesh, a country which has the longest uninterrupted shoreline and a good prospect of harnessing energy from waves from its various suitable sites, is signified. The cost analysis of wave devices are shown and a comparison between the cost of electricity generation from the present energy sources and the different wave energy devices is made in order to see the feasibility of the wave devices for power generation in the context of Bangladesh. Study shows that there is huge prospect of wave energy in Bangladesh to meet the demand and reduce the dependency of the fossil fuel.

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